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Joe has been studying the iron game for 62 years (1957) and in 1970 he began a systematic study of who wrote which article in which magazine, where articles could be found by topic, etc. This information was placed on index cards for a quarter of a century, and then the several hundred thousand references were entered into a computer. This input continues, and has helped some authors in the research of their books- including Arnold Schwarzenegger with The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding, for which Joe fact-checked the history section.

For a few years he published his newsletter MUSCLESEARCH: The Roark Report, and for ten years he contributed to the journal Iron Game History from the University of Texas.

In 1992 he was appointed as Historian for the men's division of IFBB bodybuilding, and began his column Factoids, now in its fourteenth year. His ironhistory.com discussion forum is also part of the Cyberpump.com family.

In this column, readers will also be able to ask Joe questions or comment on his posts.  Simply do this by clicking on the "comment" link and filling in the form with your question. Note: The comments are solely for interaction between Joe and the readers only -- not reader to reader.

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